Radio Legend Dick Ulett Talks About Running A Successful Sound Studio And What Entrepreneurs Need To Do To Succeed

My name is Harriett Hubbard. I am the Executive Producer of TheOpenSource.Club. 

The summer of 1979, I took a part time job at KXOK radio as a research assistant. The job was perfect because I was an UMSL jouralism student eager to learn and doing my general studies for preparation to transfer to MIZZOU. 

At the time, KXOK was a radio powerhouse. Second only to KMOX. The On-Air talent at KXOK was top tier. People like Johnny Rabbit, Wilke in the Morning, Bob Shea and others. All of them were kind to me and taught me the ropes. Skills that I still use today.

One of my favorite personalities was Dick Ulett. He worked the Saturday morning shift. Dick was probably the youngest of the bunch but 13 years my senior. During commercial breaks he'd school me on the industry and tell me what I would need to do to succeed. I listened and respected his advice.

Fast forward many years. Dick and I are working together again. This time he is one of Show Hosts for TheOpenSource.Club. Here is his story: