Despite great job numbers, Americans are broke. According to the Social Security Administration, 48% of workers have an annual net compensation of $31,351 or less. The 164,000 jobs that were added to the U.S. economy in July 2019 averaged $11.00 an hour which equates to $22,000 a year. The poverty level for a household of four is $25,750.


It is very hard to survive in this economy. More than 43% of full time workers have a second job. Among those, many need the additional assistance of Food Stamps and Food Banks. Due to the significant rise of housing costs, Homeless Shelters are overrun with working families who are unable to afford traditional living quarters. 

But, there is a bright spot. Baby Boomers from the skilled trades industry are retiring in massive numbers. Millions of high wage jobs with health benefits, vacation pay and pensions are available. 

The construction industry is hot and is projected to have double digit job growth for at least the next decade. Long term work potential and the fact that construction professionals' pay outpaces most other industries makes the skill trades an attractive career option. 

Becoming a skills trade professional is not difficult. Enroll in any number of FREE and certified Earn While You Learn Apprentice programs offered by Labor Unions. In most cases, all you will need is a high school diploma or G.E.D. Work Visas are accepted. 

One good example of a Labor Union Apprentice program is the one offered by the Glaziers. A Glazier is a person who makes windows. When you consider that all buildings and vehicles have windows, its easy to see why Glaziers have jobs for life. 

Listen to this podcast and learn about the Glaziers' Apprentice Program.