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The DeCriminalization of Black Girls

December 2019 Massachusetts Democratic Representative Ayanna Pressley introduced The Pushout Act which means Punitive, Unfair, School-Based Harm that is Overt and Unresponsive to Trauma.

With co-sponsor Minnesota Democratic Representative Iihan Omar. the goal of the PUSHOUT ACT is to end the criminalization of Black children in schools by awarding grants and incentives to institutions that ban unfair discipline practices that worsen the school to prison pipeline.

Through research, these two Congresswomen found that Black girls are 7x more likely to be suspended from school than white girls. Yet, black children only make up 16% of all U.S. public school students.

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  1. I think back to when I was in school and these facts are so true. I was just an outgoing kid, exceptionally smart who liked to talk. I spent more time at the Principal's office than I can remember. So glad that times are changing for the positive and maybe kids like me will be able to realize their full potential without suffering the hardship.