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Why Flooding & Erosion Are Crisis Matters

New research forecasts very significant consequences for St. Louis over the next few decades. It is possible that St. Louis will face up to six heat waves per summer. These events will likely contribute to more serious respiratory crises like asthma.

Surrounded by the Missouri and Mississippi rivers including lots of lakes and creeks, St. Louis is in real climate change jeopardy. In this Money Mondays episode, Bonita Cornute talks to MSD's Public Affairs Shawn Hadley about flooding and erosion and the sewer company's solution based strategy.

MSD is the fourth largest sewer utility in the United States. It services St. Louis and 90% of St. Louis county and has 9,600 miles of sewer lines.

Headquartered in St. Louis, MSD services St. Louis and nearly 90% of St. Louis County with 9,600 miles of sewer line. MSD is the fourth largest sewer utility in the United States. 

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