Paid Green Job Apprentice Program

  Construction equipment operators run excavators, drive dump trucks, steer graders, direct asphalt pavers and roll rollers to build and repair roads and so much more. The IUOE 513 has a paid apprentice program in Silex, MO. In this Sustainable Life episode, Bonita Cornute talks to Dan Bottoms about what the apprentice program has to offer and why it is a really good job.  IUOE 513 Apprentice Program

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How To Save Your Property

St. Louis is surrounded by the Missouri and Mississippi rivers, including many lakes and creeks. The region is at high risk for flood damage. According to a nationwide study of flood zones, this area has nearly twice the number of properties in flood jeopardy than the national average.

In this Monday Mondays podcast episode, Bonita Cornute talks to MSD's Public Affairs Manager Shawn Hadley about what property owners need to do to protect their property. Hadley outlines specific strategies and tells how MSD is working to solve the problem.

Headquartered in St. Louis, MSD services St. Louis and nearly 90% of St. Louis County with 9,600 miles of sewer line. MSD is the fourth largest sewer utility in the United States. 

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