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How To Get An Affordable Solar System

St. Louis is quickly becoming a solar leader. Using Busch Stadium as an example. The Cardinal organization installed 106 solar panels in 2012. Solar energy powers the retail shops as well as the food and beverage centers. Solar energy is the future. It’s clean, renewable and cheap. Sun Solar CEO Caleb Arthur explains to Dick Ulett how to get an affordable solar system.  🔈 The Missouri Solar Program & How You Benefit 🔈 What You Need To Know About Solar Technology 🔈 Solar Jobs Among The Fastest Growing Occupations US SUN SOLAR Customer Service:  417-413-1786 or toll-free  855-464-6786

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Learn About Birth Control & Cost Options


Access to information and services, including the full range of contraceptive options gives men and women the power to decide whether to have children.

Family planning and reproductive health programs enable men and women the ability to space and limit the number of pregnancies they want over the course of their lifetimes. It also helps delay pregnancy among adolescents, who have increased risks of complications and death.

Women and girls who can plan pregnancy have greater opportunities to continue their education and enter the formal workforce. This leads to greater economic stability for their families and helps to boost local economies.

In this Healthy You podcast episode, Ruth Ezell talks to Planned Parenthood's Nurse Practitioner for St. Louis and Southwest Missouri Donna White about the Birth Control services they provide and the cost and treatment options. 

Planned Parenthood has 8 locations. Click here to visit the Planned Parenthood website

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