How To Get An Affordable Solar System

St. Louis is quickly becoming a solar leader. Using Busch Stadium as an example. The Cardinal organization installed 106 solar panels in 2012. Solar energy powers the retail shops as well as the food and beverage centers. Solar energy is the future. It’s clean, renewable and cheap. Sun Solar CEO Caleb Arthur explains to Dick Ulett how to get an affordable solar system.  🔈 The Missouri Solar Program & How You Benefit 🔈 What You Need To Know About Solar Technology 🔈 Solar Jobs Among The Fastest Growing Occupations US SUN SOLAR Customer Service:  417-413-1786 or toll-free  855-464-6786

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Telehealth Can Expand Access To Essential Healthcare

Telehealth improves access to healthcare for everyone. It eliminates travel or scheduling problems and provides patients with safe, secure and quality provider interactions.

Originally designed to give care to those in rural areas where medical services are limited, Telehealth technology has become the popular healthcare option. Many respondents in a survey think that the Telehealth experience is equal or better than an in-person visit.

Planned Parenthood in St. Louis has Telehealth. In this Healthy You episode by The Open Source, host Ruth Ezell talks to Charity Galgani, Director of Clinical Services for St. Louis and Southwest Missouri about how their system works and who can use it regardless of ability to pay.

Planned Parenthood has 8 locations. To learn more visit their website.

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