Paid Green Job Apprentice Program

  Construction equipment operators run excavators, drive dump trucks, steer graders, direct asphalt pavers and roll rollers to build and repair roads and so much more. The IUOE 513 has a paid apprentice program in Silex, MO. In this Sustainable Life episode, Bonita Cornute talks to Dan Bottoms about what the apprentice program has to offer and why it is a really good job.  IUOE 513 Apprentice Program

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Climate Change And The HVACR Job Boom


With only 4% of the world's population, the United States is the biggest, baddest greenhouse emitter on the planet. Most Americans acknowledge that climate change exists but fear mongering groups persist in promoting it as a job killer.

The fight against Climate Change is actually creating jobs. In this Sustainable Life episode by The Open Source, show host Dick Ulett talks to Kellie Jones, Executive Director of the Gateway Air Conditioning Contractors Association. Jones explains why the HVAC/R industry has so many available jobs and the training process.

The Green Job Revolution is not new, but it is finally hitting its stride. HVAC/R jobs have evolved. We are now in the era of clean air, water and natural heating and cooling. HVAC/R technicians are essential in the battle against global warming. 

Share this episode if you know someone who is looking for a job. Help them strengthen their future. 

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This trade association assists it's members with the following:

  • Government Relations
  • Licensing
  • Apprenticeships
  • Continuing Education


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