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Command Your Future

Baby Boomers are retiring in record numbers. The construction industry is forecasted to have double digit job growth for the next decade. 

Bricklayers Local 1

Bricklayers Local 1 Apprentice Coordinator Dale Jennewein and St. Louis Job Corps instructor Otis Pebbles give the details about their Apprentice Program and all the benefits. 

Glaziers Local 513

Glaziers Local 513 Apprentice Coordinator Bob Skelton talks about the union's free and Department of Labor certified Apprentice program and the fact there is double digit job growth in his industry. 

Construction Pay

Tarlton Executive Vice President Dirk Elsperman tells why Construction professionals make more money that those working in most other industries.

Operating Engineers Local 513

Operating Engineers Local 513 Apprentice Coordinator Dan Bottoms details his union's free and Department of Labor Apprentice program and how similar it is to college. 

Why Women

More women are becoming construction workers. They are finding acceptance in the industry and are effectively competing for the top jobs.