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Trump’s Rhetoric Has Reached The Classroom And Bullying Is On The Rise

"Two kindergartners in Utah told a Latino boy that President Trump would send him back to Mexico, and teenagers in Maine sneered ‘‘Ban Muslims’’ at a classmate wearing a hijab. In Tennessee, a group of middle-schoolers linked arms, imitating the president’s proposed border wall as they refused to let nonwhite students pass. In Ohio, another group of middle-schoolers surrounded a mixed-race sixth-grader and, as she confided to her mother, told the girl, ‘‘This is Trump country.’’
Since Trump’s rise to the nation’s highest office, his inflammatory language — often condemned as racist and xenophobic — has seeped into schools across America. Many bullies now target other children differently than they used to, with kids as young as 6 mimicking the president’s insults and the cruel way he delivers them."

Discriminatory Housing Practices Are Leading To The Devaluation Of Black Americans

"Housing is just one area where Black Americans suffer from discriminatory public policies. Throughout the United States, homes in Black neighborhoods are priced around 23 percent less than those in white neighborhoods. That is a difference of nearly $50,000 per home which totals to about $156 billion in lost assets.

There is nothing wrong with Black people that ending racism can’t solve. We must work to overcome these inequalities by countering the policy-based devaluation of the Black community."

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A Way To End Modern Day School Desegregation

"In elementary schools, Negroes lag one to three years behind whites and their segregated schools received substantially less money per student than do white schools." Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 1967

Today, the primary reason for the achievement gap is poverty. A study by the Educational Opportunity Project at Stanford University concludes that students of color tend to be concentrated in high poverty schools with inexperienced teachers and fewer programs. 

Indigence is generational. Most likely these children are living in homes with parents and/or guardians who are also poorly educated and shut out from good jobs that can uplift the family.

But all is not hopeless. However, few people in this situation know it. High wage job options are available and only require a high school diploma or G.E.D. These jobs are in the construction industry and come complete with U.S. Department of Labor certified EARN WHILE YOU LEARN training, health benefits, vacation pay and pension plans. Plus, their pay scale is equal for both men and women. 

For the next decade, the hottest jobs will be in the construction industry. Cities all over the nation are rebuilding their roads, water systems, stadiums, mass transit systems and more. Massive numbers of replacement workers are needed as Baby Boomers retire. 

By making this information widely known, poor parents can that they can financially stabilize their families and get their children become better educated. 

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